首页学术活动 【ag真人游戏】高精尖中心首席科学家Francis Martin院士学术讲座
【ag真人游戏】高精尖中心首席科学家Francis Martin院士学术讲座
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  讲座地点:生物楼 313会议室


  讲座题目:The evolution of modes of nutrition in forest fungi – from wood decay to symbiosis


  专家简介:Francis Martin 教授是法国农业科学院院士,法国国家农业研究所特聘研究主任,ARBRE (Advanced Research on the Biology of Tree and Forest Ecosystems)卓越实验室负责人。

  Francis Martin教授在法国亨利·波安加乐-南锡第一大学获得植物科学博士学位,并在加州大学洛杉矶分校从事分子生物学博士后的研究,后在法国法国国家农业研究所工作至今。主要科研方向包括菌根共生、真菌演化以及森林生态学的发展途径研究等。

  Francis Martin教授先后在《Science》《Nature》《Nature Genetics》《PNAS》《New Phytologist》等全球顶级科学期刊发表多篇文章, H指数(h-index)高达79,论文引用次数达25166。同时,Francis Martin教授还担任《New Phytologist》责任编辑、《Fungal, Biology & Genetics》《Fungal Biology Reviews》《PLoS Genetics》等多个国际著名高水平科学期刊的副主编工作。


  讲座简介:Within the plant microbiota, mycorrhizal fungi are striking examples of microorganisms playing crucial roles in nutrient acquisition. They have coevolved with their hosts since the raise of land plants and the recent development of calibrated phylogenies, linked with the growing understanding of fungal genomes, provides remarkable insights into the evolutionary histories of mycorrhizal symbioses.

  The comparison of 100+ genomes from mycorrhizal fungi, wood and soil decomposers has revealed several independent lifestyle transitions from saprotrophism to mutualism in fungal lineages. In addition to reconstructing the evolution of mycorrhizal symbioses, our growing ability to use reference genomes for profiling differentially-expressed transcripts, for instance, is helping us to identify hundreds of symbiosis-related genes.

  This report will discuss recent genomic studies that have revealed the adaptations that seem to be fundamental to the convergent evolution of ectomycorrhizal fungi, including the loss of some metabolic functions, such as plant cell wall degrading enzymes, and the acquisition of small secreted effector-like proteins that facilitate the accommodation of symbiotic fungi within their host plants. Finally, This report will consider how these insights can be integrated into a model of the development of ectomycorrhizal symbioses and pave the way to a better understanding of their role in carbon cycling in forest ecosystems.